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Let's bring some greenery to your party

Here I will list all of the reasons that you should rent plants from us for your party. 

Number one being that it adds a certain level of elegance when a there is beautiful greenery every where your guest looks. they will also cover up the dark corners, and block off the areas you dont want anyone going. 

Enhance your guests experience by adding another layer to your decor, with 

NVLC Party Plant Rentals!


Inquire today about our Spring Lawn Package

Starting at $500, this package includes Dethaching, Aerating, Mowing and Fertilizing your lawn to get it ready for the season!

We install sod and artificial turf.

Multiple colors and styles available for walkway, sitting area, or border to a garden or grass

We offer rock options with a variety of size and color

Repair and Replacement of sprinkler heads, drip irrigation, irrigation valves, control timers.

New installation of all types of irrigation systems.

Custom sized garden beds.

Garden bed irrigation systems.

Delivery and Installation.

We can make your gate look like new.

Yard Renovation Packages

Compare our renovation packages and find the best fit for you.


Tier One


The Yard Refresher

Rock Replenishment

Drip Irrigation

Landscape Cleanup

Plant Replacement 

Tree  Trimming

Tier Two


The Upgrade

Tier One +

Paver Patio Extension

Paver walkway or pool deck

Artificial Turf

Landscape lighting 

Tier Three


The Total Renovation 

Tier One and Tier Two +

Customized Garden Beds

Adding more Trees and Plants

Decorative Stones

Retaining walls

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