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About Us

North Valley Lawn Care was established in March of 2019 by Owner/Operator David Friedman. 

David's mission was to create a high quality, full service landscaping company with exceptional customer service. North Valley Lawn Care started as a one man (David) crew, but has rapidly become a growing company. David and the team are dedicated to give every client the time, service, and craftmanship they deserve. The members of our team have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to perform the services needed. All of our members speak fluent English and are available to answer any questions you may have. 


Our Team

David Friedman


David's journey to becoming a landscaper started when he was just 8 years old, pulling weeds for his parent's friends. As a kid he enjoyed yard work, but he never imaged that it would become his passion and career. David attended college at the University of Arizona where he earned a Master's Degree and went on to a job to support his wife and upcoming family. When the Friedman Family bought their first home in 2012, they wanted to create a backyard space they could all enjoy. After multiple failed attempts to contact different landscaping companies and an extremely poor experience (quality of work and customer service) David decided to tackle the landscaping himself. He laid sod and planted 13 trees as well as several annuals and perennials with great success. 7 years later, after maintaining his own property and gaining the knowledge he needed, David was finally able to get back to his passion and start North Valley Lawn Care! Keeping in mind his previously poor experiences with landscapers, David stresses customer service at all levels, at all times!

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