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Lawn Maintenance

We provide high quality work and RELIABLE service. Multiple clients have told us their current provider doesn't show up on the appointed day and therefore they switch companies. You will enjoy knowing that we show up when we are supposed to.

We perform regular lawn maintenance, but are a full spectrum landscaping company. We have specific days available for lawn care and are available to service your larger projects in a timely manner.

Finding the time to mow the yard or pull those pesky weeds in your busy life is definitely a challenge for most people.

North Valley Lawn Care would love to help you check that off your to-do-list for good. We will prune your hedges and shrubs, spray for weeds, mow your lawn and more!

We offer regular scheduled lawn maintenance to keep your yard looking wonderful. 

Bi-weekly, monthly, or every other month...what ever works for you, works for us. 

Let us take care of your lawn, so you don't have to!


Our crew did an amazing job clearing out this very overgrown backyard!


Contact Us

We love speaking with our customers and guiding them through their project ideas. Please call us at 602-245-5486, email us at, or submit the contact form to the right. 

For quicker response time, please contact us via phone. We typically respond within 24-48 hours of initial call (except for holidays and weekends). Contact form submissions may take longer to respond to.


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