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Irrigation Installation/Repair 

Thinking of adding an irrigation system to your yard? Are you tired of watering your grass with the hose?

Here are some things that our team considers when designing your system....

Is your site flat or sloped? Application methods and rate will be different for water that is going to stay put on a flat surface and soak in or if it’s going to run down a slope.

Do you have a variety of water needs? Drought-tolerant plants, lawn areas, perennial beds and edible gardens all require varying amounts of water and frequency. 

Does your garden, trees, or plants get a lot of sun or is it shaded? Evaporation from bright sun can steal precious water by as much as 50%.

What is your soil composition? Sandy, clay, rich, rocky - all play a part in how well water is absorbed and eventually drained from an area.

Noticing some leaking under or sinking of your pavers?

If you are noticing your pavers looking wet and sinking, you may have a leak! 

The typical life expectancy of poly tube irrigation lines is 10-15 years. So, if you have pavers on top of your irrigation lines, you will be unable to see the leak when the lines start to fail. As the water saturates the ground, the weight of the pavers will cause them to sink. 

Let us help you repair that before it gets out of hand. Give us a call at 602-245-5486 for a Free Estimate!

We also offer repair and/or replacement of sprinkler heads, drip irrigation hoses, irrigation valves, and control timers.

Irrigation PVC

Putting in a new irrigation system can often be labor intensive, let us help you!


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We love speaking with our customers and guiding them through their project ideas. Please call us at 602-245-5486, email us at, or submit the contact form to the right. 

For quicker response time, please contact us via phone. We typically respond within 24-48 hours of initial call (except for holidays and weekends). Contact form submissions may take longer to respond to.


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